Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Goings On

I know, I know, it's been FOREVER!!!! Part of the reason is because sometimes Blogger is D-U-M-B and won't upload pictures. I have tried....honest, I have.

We have been so incredibly super busy. Brian went to Alabama for 6 weeks to the NCO Academy, Emily has finished the 2nd grade, and now it is SUMMER!!!!! Currently, the girls are at Meme and Papa's house, and I'm pretty sure they'll stay there alllll summer. :) We got season passes to Busch Gardens (it's only 30 minutes away) and of course, the beach. I am looking for a full time job since Savannah starts Kindergarten in the fall. I know, I can't believe it either. But for now, we are enjoying hanging out with friends and concentrating on having FUN! There's going to be a bazillion pictures, so hopefully you're ready...... (these are NOT in chronological order, because I don't feel like doing that...sooo....)

Emily made the Honor Roll at school this year, and was the BEST reader in her class. I'm SO proud of her, and SO glad for the opportunity we have to send her to a Christian school. She did very well in school this year....MUCH better than when I was teaching her. :)

Emily and her teacher Mrs. Pope. We LOVED Mrs. Pope. Thankfully, she is moving to kindergarten next year, so she will be Savannah's teacher. I literally cried when I found that out. I am SO thankful that Savannah will have an incredible teacher.

This was her on the last day of school. I took this picture in the same dress she wore the 1st day of school, cause you know how much I like comparisons. However, the computer crashed several months ago, and I don't have the picture from the 1st day anymore. BUT, you can go to this post and see it.

We went home several times while Brian was gone. There was a mother/daughter banquet at mom's church, so we were able to go for that. Our favorite babysitter, Nat Nat was home from college, so the girls enjoyed seeing her.

While Brian was gone, the yard got out of control. I am pretty a military wife, I don't wait on my husband to be home to hang pictures and curtains and other "man" stuff. BUT, the yard is something I do NOT do...well, I have, but I don't like to at ALL!! Thankfully, one perk of being close to home is I can call my daddy and beg him to come help me. :) SO thankful for all the work he put into the house. I couldn't get into my garage because of the bushes, but now they are gone, and I am sooo happy. We got new windows on our house, too, and since this picture was taken, a new roof! We are so happy with our landlord and all the work he's done on the house since we moved in.


After--LOVE IT!

We went home for Spring/Easter Break and had a great time relaxing in the country with mom and dad and our best friends.

The girls in their Easter dresses

Our "besties"....this was the best pic we could get. Have you ever tried to get 6 kids ages 2-8 look at the camera at the same time and stand still...yeah, it's not easy.

The girls enjoyed spending time with Melanie's girls over Spring break. Melanie and I "endured" each other. ;) hahahaha I can't even type that with a strait face. SOOOO happy to be so close to them again.

These last two are random pictures. The first one is for Miss Sarah....It's Savannah holding an inch worm. Sarah, your influence goes on to my "girlie" girls. We love and miss you more than you know.

And this last one is just a good picture of Savannah at Meme and Papa's "farm".

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Sarah said...

Loved the update! Man it feels like an eternity...the girls are growing up too fast! We miss you guys and love you!